Networking Makes Connections - Mentoring the BOMA Way

The BOMA/Suburban Chicago mentorship program has allowed Commercial Real Estate (CRE) professionals to connect with senior executives and not only tap into their deep reserves of knowledge, but form helpful connections for future growth and development. This program is offered to all Regular Member/Member Buildings and Associate Members as a part of their membership.

Our goal this year is to expand our mentoring program to support employees in all stages of their careers. Mentees will be matched with an individual mentor who is an experienced senior real estate professional.

Mentoring the BOMA way:

  • Strengthen communication and leadership skills.
  • Learn from industry executives and receive one-on-one mentoring.
  • Develop a professional relationship with peer leaders.
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the real estate industry from an experienced, well-rounded professional.
  • Mentors will be available to provide professional advice and guidance in an effort to assist the Mentee’s success.
  • Stay tuned for upcoming events!
  • Mentorship Tips and FAQS


"The BOMA Mentorship program gave me access to an experienced professional with the skills and knowledge to help me grow and gain a new perspective on everyday situations. My mentor helped me to step out of my comfort zone, expand my network, and offer support whether it was meeting for coffee or attending BOMA events together.

She has been a valuable resource to me even after the program has ended. My advice to others in the program would be to have fun, learn from each other, and enjoy the experience!"

Alyssa Wasilewski (Kester)
Property Manager
Hiffman National

"My mentor was great to me. Not only did I feel supported, but also obtained a different perspective. The advice I received from her helped me view certain situations differently than I would’ve on my own.

She was always willing to share her own experiences while listening closely to mine. I felt like I gained more confidence after receiving insight from someone with more expertise and experience. Overall, it was comforting to know as I faced new challenges, there was someone I could turn to for advice and reassurance."

Kathleen Vos
Property Manager

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