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Recorded Webinar: COVID-19: Maintaining Building Operations and Preparing for Re-Occupancy"

March 30, 2020 10:39 AM | Andy Murray (Administrator)
On March 26, BOMA/Suburban Chicago's President, Kim DeFily, and Executive Director, Michael Mulcrone, participated in BOMA Int’l’s webinar: COVID-19: Maintaining Building Operations and Preparing for Re-Occupancy. Below is the link to access the recorded webinar and highlights to share with your team/company.

HOW TO ACCESS THE WEBINAR: To access this recording, go to this link https://learn.boma.org/products/covid-19-maintaining-building-operations-and-preparing-for-re-occupancy?force_login=1 and log in with your BOMA Int'l credential. If you don't have your credentials, just click on the "Forgot your Password" link. You can also find this product in your BOMA Int’l Dashboard after you've logged in.”


Mitigation is undervalued and essential.

RE re-occupancy:

  • Prepare for re-occupancy. It’s easier to leave a building than to return to it.
  • When do recover operations start? Now! Take decisive action.
  • Should be operationalizing your mitigation plan. Should be asking “what if” questions.
  • Anticipate shortages of supplies. Critical to engage with suppliers/vendors.
  • Hold tenant council meetings with owners, tenants, and vendors. Communications is critical for success.

Legal issues:
  • Force majeure: Is COVID -19 a force majeure event? Every lease needs to be analyzed. Past court rulings and common law theories apply if issue is not covered in the lease.
  • · Insurance coverage: Know your business interruption, cancellation and civil authority clauses.
  • · Litigation: Claims and disputes are inevitable. Courts will be mired in litigation for years.
  • · Be proactive!
Know your documents.

Reach out to all affected parties and try to mitigate the damage.

Seek help from professionals.

Cleaning buildings:
Re-opening Buildings
  • Ultimately it’s an owner/manager/tenant decision.
  • What is the risk? Be conscious of public relations implications, both positive and negative.
  • Mechanical systems need to be thoroughly checked.
  • Maximize outdoor air supply.

Potable Water Issues

  • Need proactive maintenance.- Flushing and disinfecting is critical.
  • If buildings remain closed or underused in Summer, watch for high humidity and mold issues.
  • Building purges at night?

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