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Advocacy Update: Cook County Parking Lot and Garage Operations Tax

May 29, 2019 2:17 PM | Anonymous

Advocacy Update:
From the Government Affairs Committee

As you are aware, the Cook County Department of Revenue has stepped up its enforcement of the Parking Lot and Garage Operations Tax. Additionally, it appears the Department has expanded its interpretation of the Ordinance and is imposing the tax beyond the Ordinance's original intent. The Department has begun auditing suburban commercial office buildings and imposing large penalties and interest on taxes they claim should have been paid on parking spaces maintained by buildings. 

Building A Legal Defense

The BOMA/Suburban Chicago Board of Directors and its Government Affairs Committee have retained legal counsel in order to thoroughly research this issue, and to have a clear understanding of the law, the County's position, and our options. 

Our legal counsel has already begun its research and will present a legal opinion to the Board of Directors within 30-45 days. 

Attention From BOMA International

BOMA/Suburban Chicago has also been in contact with BOMA International. International is outraged by the County's conduct and has suggested its Industry Defense Fund might be able to offset some of our legal fees. The Industry Defense Fund "...is instrumental in giving a voice to the commercial real estate industry helping achieve critical advocacy successes. Its purpose is to ensure that adequate funds are available at the federal, state and local levels for wide-ranging advocacy issues that may impact BOMA members."

Our Commitment to Members 

In addition to hiring legal counsel, coordinating with BOMA International, and working with our Lobbyist, BOMA/Suburban Chicago has actively engaged with Cook County officials, including a County Commissioner, in order to be as strategic as possible.

BOMA/Suburban Chicago is committed to helping you protect your rights and your assets! We will continue to address our concerns with Cook County officials. We will build a coalition with other organizations who share our concerns. Finally, we will work with our members and be their voice in this critical matter. 

The Board of Directors and the Government Affairs Committee continues to monitor this issue and looks forward to sharing with you what it learns. Please feel free to contact Michael Mulcrone or a member of the Government Affairs Committee with any questions you may have.


BOMA/Suburban Chicago's Government Affairs Committee

John Lambrecht, RPA, Chair, Triton College

Deb Pyznarski, RPA, Vice Chair, Lincoln Property Company

Eric Hartmann, Board Liaison, Tovar Snow Professionals

Matt Roberts, CPM, Board Liaison, Duke Realty Corporation

Larry Dykstra, PE, LEED, AP, Environmental Systems Designs

Kristopher Entler, RPA, LEED AP, Lincoln Property Company

Debbie King, RPA, David King & Associates, Inc.

Ben Kulczewski, GlenStar Asset Management, LLC 

Melissa Lyons, RPA, CBRE

John Smart, RPA, Arthur J. Rogers & Co.

Michael Mulcrone, BOMA/Suburban Chicago

Barb Turbett, BOMA/Suburban Chicago

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